My first and lasting love is art, but my formal training was in mathematics.

My painting is a solution to a visual problem or puzzle. I break the problem into small segments that I can solve spontaneously.

These watercolors are based on my photographs that I find in my daily walks and travels.

I translate the photos using the classical grid method for enlarging a drawing, but instead of drawing in each square, I invent a small watercolor (no prior drawing) based on what is in the photo. 

In the process, often before all squares are filled, the big picture solution “clicks” into place, and the entire piece is done.

The finished image is not photo-realism, but is clearly a landscape; it is, very different from each of its parts, yet each part retains its own character and unique relationship to its neighbors and the whole. 

It is also a commentary on the way we see.  Looking at the whole is a different experience than looking at the parts.  Thesis, antithesis, synthesis.